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FAQ & Pricing

Do I need to wear anything special?

Dress for comfort.

Can anyone do MindSpa Odyssey?

If you have an imagination and can sit or lie down for 30 minutes then you’re all set.

How much will it cost?

There are a range of MindSpa options, starting with our Special Introductory Offer.

Money’s usually a bit tight this time of year and yet this is the time when we desire to relax, feel good, and indulge ourselves. Until the end of February 2013, we have a time-limited introductory offer: only £15 for a 40 minute private session. This is an opportunity that’s worth taking. There are no catches.

Once this introductory offer is over, private sessions will cost £35 for 40 minutes; and there is also the option for group sessions at £20 for 40 minutes – because it’s good to share! (Call to find out more).

For the ‘Indulgent Bliss’ package, it’s £80. We get a bit more time (60 minutes!), and the setting is beautiful (only the best spas will do). Because we get a bit more time and it’s just you experiencing this wonderful journey, we have an opportunity to create something just for you – a tailor-made experience.

    • How many sessions will I need?
    • OK so I’ve visited my MindSpa. Do I have to wait for you to visit again?

You can visit your MindSpa any time you want, any time it is safe to do so (not while driving a car). The more you visit, the more you’ll get out of it — and the better you’ll feel!

Want to know more? If your question hasn’t been answered, get in touch on 07881 620 786 or email