Gently take back control
of your life and
really shine

Welcome to MindSpa

Maybe you want to feel relaxed and nurtured on a weekly basis. Maybe you want to make some changes in your life — outgrow some shyness, habits, fears, leave behind those things which held you back..

If you could only feel that little bit better each day, can you imagine how great it feels as those changes add up over weeks and months?

Looking after your mind can be enjoyable and empowering. It can take as little as 5 minutes and it can feel good.

I’ve taken the most effective approaches I’ve found for a healthy mind and built a playground for you to explore: a luxurious, indulgent, bespoke spa in the mind — a MindSpa! The techniques and approaches of MindSpa Odyseey are those that have stood the test of time (well over a decade) and produced reliable lasting results for myself and my clients.

MindSpa Journeys

The mindSpa Journeys — delightful little hypnotic stories — are a great ┬áplace to begin:

  • playful and fun, and they feel great
  • build strong foundations for a healthy mind and successful change
  • become familiar with success
  • get comfortable with expressing a little personal power
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MindSpa Odyssey

ODYSSEY: 1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune. 2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest.

Here’s the bigger picture: the MindSpa journeys are a wonderful starting position for you to embark on something greatly rewarding and rather more grand — a lifetime of getting to know yourself and discovering how much more you can be. As you get an appreciation for the journeys and a hint of what’s possible, the Odyssey is structured to smooth out the bumps of taking back control of your life, outgrowing the stuff that holds you back, and creating the life that you want.

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Emergency Sessions

(I need help now!)

If you have a situation that you have to deal with — a big presentation, a trip on the dentist, or anything that’s causing you stress right now — you can book 3 emergency 1 hour sessions to get you through.